Landscaping midland – Things to know

Verdant green grass, manicured shrubbery, perfectly coifed trees and gorgeous flowers in a myriad of colors-these are the elements of the home and garden magazine photographs. But, for many homeowners, a yard like that is something one only daydreams about, as the time and budget do not always lend to lawn care midland.

But, what if you could have a great looking yard, simply by taking the time to learn some basic actions? Sounds great, doesn’t it? Well, you actually can have a beautiful yard, with minimal lawn care required, just by keeping the following things in mind.midlandtxlawns

Grass type – Find out what type of grasses are best for region and plants those in your yard – most regions can support more than one grass type, so you will have a choice. Having the right grass planted can shave hours from the time spent fertilizing and mowing, in addition to ensuring that your yard thrives, even in despicable weather conditions.Find Out More, landscaping midland.

Grass care – Having the right type of grass, does not negate the need to cut grass. However, the basic rule is that grass should be kept at 3 inches high. Also, fertilizer needs to be applied no more than 3 times a year.

Trees and shrubbery – Like the grass, it is important to find out what trees and shrubbery do best in your area, but also which ones will be compatible with the type of grass, as well as the flowers you plan to grow. Take into account, which sides of your lawn get the most or least sunlight, where there is water run-off and whatever your future landscaping plans may entail so that you can make the most of your lawn care investment.see this website

Non-living lawn items – Think about elements such as your patio, a child’s swing set, a pond or any other more permanent yard feature is located and design your lawn’s features to enhance these items rather than allowing the items to create a problem or distract from your design.