Dental Care Information

At the end of visits, dentists always give a few things that you should start doing to help save your smile. After leaving the dental clinic, you’re equipped with a new toothbrush and full of good intentions for really starting to take care of your teeth. Unfortunately, after a few days, the fear of tooth decay along with those good intentions fade into a distant memory. Here are a few things dentists always tell you that you really should heed if you want to keep your happy, healthy smile into old age.BonusesĀ 

It’s Not The Sugar, It’s You

One of the greatest excuses for getting lazy about brushing your teeth is that you don’t eat that many sugary foods anyway, so it’s not so important. It is common knowledge that sugars from soda and snacks causes tooth decay – common knowledge and also totally wrong. Dentists will tell you differently. It is not the sugar that poses a risk for most people, but your own saliva, which is full of nutrients that accumulate in the gap between your gums and teeth. These nutrients get packed down into nasty black stuff called tartar, and it widens that gap, causing tooth decay. So, even if you keep away from sugar, you need to brush those chompers!

You Should Floss, Seriously

Most folks floss for approximately 3.7 days after seeing the dentist, and once this time runs out, we forget about it. Actually, flossing is just as important as brushing and it’s something you shouldn’t skip out on. Dentists are right when they tell you that incorporating two flossings into your busy day will go a long way in keeping your teeth healthy. Head to the store right now and buy a value pack of dental floss to keep you from running out before your next visit.

Toothpaste Doesn’t Matter, Your Toothbrush Does

If you ask most teeth experts which toothpaste is the best, they will usually tell you it doesn’t matter. Although this goes against what toothpaste advertisements say, it’s true. Some may be better than others, but not by much. However, toothbrushes really matter. When you’re at your check-up, ask your dentist for a toothbrush recommendation and stick with it religiously. They’ll also tell you to replace the brush every month. The reason is that the bristles become less bristly, and can no longer brush your teeth clean. So put it on your calendar each month: “buy toothbrush.”

When Was The Last Time You Were Here Anyway? By the way, when was the last time you were in for a check-up? It was probably too long ago. You should get a check-up every six months, and dentists don’t say that just to drum up business. It takes careful monitoring and regular cleaning to ensure that you’ve got the cleanest and whitest smile possible. The ultimate cure to every dental problem is prevention. These are things dental professionals always tell you that we never listen to. For some of us, it takes the development of serious gum disease to give us a wakeup call, and by then it’s really difficult to brush your way back to cleanliness. Take your dentist’s advice and it will and keep your smile bright and healthy for as long as you live.