Tips To Buy Best Stick For Best Players

Are you a field hockey player? If you are a hockey player of course you need a hockey stick. There is variety of brand currently available in the market. For sure you have heard brands like Grays, TK, Gryphon, Malik, Dita and etc. All of them provide a high quality stick. Every player has different taste and they choose different brands. Everyone has their own favorite brand. Basically most players choose their stick according to their position. Today I would like to discuss several materials used to make the hockey sticks from the traditional ones to the current materials. You may want to check out Best stick for best players for more.



Woods is out dated nowadays however there is still a good demand for wooden hockey sticks. Veteran players are among of the groups of people that love to use wooden hockey sticks. In fact if some of you are familiar with wooden sticks you might remember TK plus one. A very powerful wooden stick that always dreamed by every player a few years back. It is a good stick although it is a wooden stick.


The most common materials use these days by a stick manufacturer. Fiberglass is hard and long lasting. It is able to break your legs. However a full fiberglass sticks is not a comfortable stick as it not absorbs vibration. That is why sticks manufacturers will combine other materials with fiberglass.

-Carbon or Graphite

A perfect material to produce a stick. Carbon sticks did not produce high vibration as fiberglass sticks. In addition carbon sticks increase the hitting power. Forwards could dribble easily with this stick. Stopping balls with less vibration. I heard some people said that carbon sticks tends to transmit more shock during cold weather but I am not so sure about that.


More Kevlar equal to less vibration. Kevlar will give the player a smooth hitting and stopping experience. Kevlar is a man made organic fiber and if I am not mistaken it is produced by DuPont. Today more sticks producer put Kevlar as their materials to make hockey sticks more comfortable.